At Gatehouse School, we strongly believe that the learning of a foreign language provides valuable educations, social and cultural experiences for our pupils.  It prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are often carried out in languages other than English.

The programme for learning French upholds the specifications of the National Languages Strategy: ‘Every child should have the opportunity to study a foreign language and develop their interest in the culture of other nations’.

We believe learning a language at a young age lays a firm foundation for future learning, and we have therefore implemented the teaching of French from Early Years.  MFL learning in          Key Stage 2 provides a medium for cross-curricular links and for reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects.  It enables the children to anticipate and prepare for the requirements of Key Stage 3 and beyond.

We aim to promote enjoyment, confidence and spontaneity in the use of the French language for the purpose of practical communication, making full use of the four basic skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

In addition to classroom-based learning, Year 5 pupils have the exciting opportunity to put their language skills into practice during our annual three day trip to the Opal Coast in Northern France.  Additional visits to the French Institute in South Kensington and celebrating the European Day of Languages at Blackheath High School are also organised.