Gatehouse prides itself on the quality of our pastoral care. We aim to foster in each child a sense of their own self-worth as well as a responsibility for themselves and for others.

Children spend significant time with their form teachers to ensure that their well-being is monitored alongside their academic progress. Children can discuss their feelings with all teachers as well as with the Head of Pastoral Care thus ensuring that their concerns are addressed appropriately and promptly.

Relationships between staff and pupils, and between pupils, are excellent and mutually supportive. This generates a strong sense of loyalty to the school in pupils of all ages. Pupils develop outstanding self-esteem as they grow in understanding of their developing ability to shape the society in which they live and work in line with the school’s aims. These skills are demonstrated in our whole-school assemblies and House system.

The children make highly effective use of the opportunities given to them to act as members of the School Council, preparing them for the increased responsibilities that will be afforded to them in secondary school and their life after Gatehouse.

Gatehouse constantly strives to provide children with the best support possible, emotionally and academically. Our outstanding pastoral care, combined with a whole-school approach, ensures that every child’s well-being is catered for throughout their time at Gatehouse.