Throughout their time in Nursery, children’s progress will be monitored across the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, ensuring that each child is able to:

  • Enjoy themselves during his/her time in the Nursery
  • Feel happy, secure and safe in their environment
  • Become a confident communicator, using language to relay wishes, feelings and understanding
  • Begin to become appreciative of different faiths and cultural occasions
  • Work cooperatively with other adults and children and have respect for diversity
  • Become a more responsible and independent learner, keen to explore his or her environment
  • Establish firm relationships with other children and adults in the Nursery
  • Develop skills, knowledge and understanding across the breadth of the curriculum

By the end of the year, the children are prepared for their move through to Reception and for their entry into the Lower Juniors.

Further information on our curriculum can be found in our Early Years Foundation Stage Policy and, in our long term overview on our website.