Beyond Gatehouse School………..

Dear Parent

At Gatehouse, one of our roles is to prepare your child for their next school.  You will possibly already have some ideas and options and undoubtedly, you will want to find a school that is the perfect match for your child.  There are, of course, a number of considerations when choosing your child’s next school; state or fee-paying, day or boarding, single-gender or co-educational, entry requirements of your preferred school/s, academic performance, pastoral support, co-curricular opportunities, to name a few, and so, to help you with your choice, we have compiled this booklet which I hope you will find useful.

The information within is intended to give you a brief outline of some local independent schools.  I would, however, urge you to visit your preferred choices of schools, either by attending their Open Days, Information Days or by booking a private tour.  Visiting schools and seeing them ‘in action’ will give you a good first impression which is vital, for both you and your child, in assessing whether your son/daughter and a school would be a good match.

In the past three years, Gatehouse pupils have been offered places and scholarships at more than 20 schools to include:

Bancroft’s School 16 offers, 2 scholarships
Blackheath High School 16 offers, 5 scholarships
Channing School 2 offers
Chigwell 10 offers, 2 scholarships
City of London Boys’ School 3 offers, 2 scholarships
City of London Girls’ School 8 offers, 1 bursary
Colfe’s School 8 offers, 1 scholarship
Felsted School 1 scholarship
Forest 52 offers, 10 scholarships
Francis Holland School 5 offers
Highgate School 6 offers
Latymer School 4 places
More House 2 offers
Northbridge House 9 offers
Other Grammar Schools 6 places (no info for 16/17)
Portland Place 8 offers
Queens College London School for Girls 11 offers
South Hampstead School 2 offers
St Dunstan’s College 3 offers
St Paul’s School 1 offer

In addition, a number of children have been offered places at local state schools.