Mrs F Tighe Director of Pastoral Care
Form Teacher 6T, Mathematics
Mrs C Furneaux Director of Studies & Assessment
Form Teacher 6F, English
Miss C Holt Form Teacher Year 5H, English Co-ordinator
Mrs P Moisy Form Teacher 5M, French
Miss C Dewar Form Teacher 4D, Art, Design & Technology
Mr D Gorry Form Teacher Year 4G, Humanities, R.E. & Current Affairs
Ms G Dainow Form Teacher 3D, Mathematics Co-ordinator
Ms K Underwood Form Teacher 3U, English Teacher
Ms N French Science
Mr T Huntley Head of Games
Mr R Mackinnon Music
Miss A Coad Head of Girls’ Games
Mr T Baycanli Assistant Games Teacher
Mr R Montgomery ICT
Mrs L Gately Librarian
Mrs C Saunders Librarian
Miss L Tsatsaros Art, Design & Technology Technician
Mr N Adonis Teaching Assistant Y6
Miss B Ballah Teaching Assistant Y6
Miss J Rismay Teaching Assistant Y5
Miss N Pinarbasi Teaching Assistant Y5
Miss C Aikins Teaching Assistant Y4 & Science
Mrs S Adibibe Teaching Assistant Y3 English
Mr J Morrissey Teaching Assistant Y3 Maths
Ms C Candeias Teaching Assistant Y3 & Y6 Maths