Humanities, the teaching of history and geography, are taught to the Upper Juniors from Year 3 upwards. Lessons are rotated throughout the year to ensure an even balance throughout the key stages, and cover a wide range of subjects encouraging study skills to support lessons across the curriculum. Educational trips also extend their learning, providing a real world application.

The pupils are taught the importance of core skills such: map reading, exploring artefacts and posing questions. Additionally, they are provided with the opportunity to complete tasks that develop their critical thinking skills and decision making processes. These structured activities provide the pupils with the chance to feed back their findings through project work and independent research tasks, helping them to develop important study habits.

Humanities also provide a meaningful context for writing, through note-taking, communicating and evaluating information from their studies and public speaking skills. Drama activities, stimulated by historical sources of evidence, are also included in the lessons. The broad range of activities during humanities lessons help the children understand the world in a meaningful context and equip them for the 21st century.