Gatehouse is committed to encouraging a passion for reading across all ages. Our new open planned library situated at the entrance to the school is a vibrant and exciting space for all children to enjoy.


All classes receive a dedicated library lesson each week, allowing pupils to pursue an enthusiasm for reading. Younger children enjoy dedicated story-reading sessions while Year 6 use the computers to write and publish the half-termly Gatehouse Gazette.


Every year we celebrate World Book day with a series of events culminating in our Dress Up Assembly. We also host book fairs, and author workshops for children of all ages.

The library is open at the following times for children to read or borrow books.

MORNING – 8.30 – 8.50 am

BREAK – 10.25 – 10.50 am

LUNCH – 12.45 – 1.30 pm

AFTER SCHOOL – 3.35 – 4.00pm

Our librarian is always willing to recommend suitable reads.