At Gatehouse the children’s artistic development is nurtured from the Nursery. Art is taught as part of  the cross curricula activity up to Year 2 and then as a specialist subject from Year 3 to 6.

We endeavour to encourage and nurture an inquisitive and explorative approach to each child’s creativity and learning. As well as developing a more confident and mature understanding of the themselves and the world around them. We aim to achieve this through encouraging exploration and discovery and by creating an open and trusting environment where personal growth and individuality are valued. Pupils are introduced to a broad range of techniques and skills taught by passionate, specialist trained teachers.


At Gatehouse pupils work on (continuing developing) projects that take them on a journey through a variety of media: including a drawing skill, (fine) (Printing or painting) / arts, ceramics and textiles. Building on and learning a new skill or method within the media area.

For example in Year 4 learn to draw in 3D > observation drawings > Research and Design Egg cups & Cosy > Make a ceramic egg cup > Learn about Materials > Learn to weave > Felt make an Egg cosy.

Our Aim

To enable pupils to develop and appreciation of art, self expression and beauty.

  1. To assist pupils to develop talents and good levels of craftsmanship through doing and making.
  2. To introduce pupils to a broad and varied pallet of materials and techniques.
  3. To develop a sense of intercultural awareness and diversity through world art and crafts.
  4. To encourage individuality, initiative, creativity and confidence.
  5. To develop a pride in their work, both as individuals and collective achievements.
  6. To encourage and reflection and critical development in both their own and others work in a contextual setting.


Differentiation is core to designing and delivering a fully inclusive curriculum. All pupils are encouraged to develop their own creativity confidently and to experiment.

At Gatehouse School the Art Department is a haven away from academic pressure and where the key to creativity is first to enjoy and be absorbed in the pupil’s own learning.