School Events & Special Occasions

At Gatehouse we encourage a sense of school pride, and no more is this felt than in our whole-school events. We hold three whole-school morning assemblies each week, including a weekly Commendation assembly in which individual children are selected for specific praise in front of their peers for their efforts and behaviour that week. Additionally we hold a weekly House assembly and three link assemblies to deal with age-appropriate themes. Each Form also leads one whole school assembly per term to which their parents are invited.

Each term there are a number of whole-school events in which parents are invited to join. These are mostly annual, and will recur at similar times each year. Please check the News section and calendar for updates on forthcoming events.

Our music concerts are a chance for Gatehouse to celebrate and showcase its dedication to promoting passion in music from an early age. These are afternoon events, organised according to age range and held each term. As well as including a number of individual performances from children, each concert includes performances from the school choir, string bands and orchestra.

Individual musicians also perform in our whole-school assemblies and also hold an informal concert for beginner musicians in the Spring term.

We are also fortunate to be involved with two external orchestras. The London Arts Orchestra perform regularly at venues such as Christ Church, Spitlafileds and the Goldsmiths Hall and Gatehouse children are able to attend rehearsls. THAMES is a music service for local schools to which we contribute individuals and host events.


School plays and Nativity
Children of all ages perform a number of plays throughout the year, including the Christmas nativities and the annual Summer performance. These performances are cross curricular affairs, with our Art and Music departments featuring prominently and showcasing the creative talent fostered at Gatehouse.

Please check the Gatehouse archive for photos of previous performances , as well as the News section and the calendar for details of upcoming performances. Photos will also be uploaded to relevant section of the Parents’ Area.

Sports Day
Sports days for each age range are annual events at Gatehouse, and are held in the Summer term. Please check the Sports section as well as the calendar for further information.

Speech Day
At the end of the Summer term children, teachers, governors and parents come together to celebrate the achievements of the past year and award those whose achievements have especially stood out. It is also an opportunity to formally say goodbye to our departing Year 6 classes, and congratulate them on their time spent at the school.

Please check the calendar and News section for updated information on Prize Giving.